RFP Writing Services

for Government and Commercial Contractors.

The RFP Firm's proposal writing services give contractors a competitive edge when submitting bid proposals to Government agencies and businesses by integrating indepth knowledge of Contracting Officer expectations.

Request for Proposal Writing Services

Request for Proposal Writing Services

Helping Small & Medium Size Companies Position Themselves with a Unique and Compelling Solution for Government RFP Proposals.

The RFP Firm Takes a Unique Approach

For all request for proposal writing services, several key methodologies enable us to prepare an efficient yet effective response to government proposals without involving the constantly changing back and forth review processes that occur with larger government contractors. The result is an exceptional proposal in business formats that meet the RFP requirements and stand out as unique from the competition without costly overruns. As a proposal writer for businesses seeking new opportunities, I'll share how to write quality proposals that enable you to increasingly perfect your process while lowering the cost over time. The keys to RFP Services for Government Contracts include:

  • Only our senior proposal writer is assigned to your proposal development project
  • Experience working for and preparing proposals in busines formats for federal government contractors
  • Industry experience includes a wide range of contractors including construction, maintenance, IT services, web development, training, consulting, security, food service, relocation, collections, mobile device apps, real estate, and more
  • A clear and logical process for proposal management and preparation services
  • Detailed instructions for pulling together the required content prior to writing
  • Experience at all levels of government (federal, state, and local)
  • Familiar with government proposals: RFP, RFQ, RFI, TO, IDIQ, MATOC

The RFP Firm Methodology

How to write quality proposals using a consistent methodology guarantees all fundamental processes are accomplished. Each project is a custom proposal writing effort and includes:

  • Leveraging your strengths to create a unique positioning for your company
  • Proceeding in a coordinated logical order as each step builds on the previous
  • Using a systematic process that ensures meeting the required deadline
  • Creating a customized template specifically designed for your RFP response
  • An efficient review process to minimize errors and remain on message

Compliance with RFP Requirements

Typically, the technical approach sustained by the business writer for proposals has very specific requirements and evaluation criteria. Meeting these requirements without just regurgitating the language of the RFP using proven proposal formats for business is a necessity. Government RFP evaluators want to know how you do what you do, not just what you are going to do. They also want to have confidence that you have the required experience to bring the contract to a successful conclusion. As professional business writers of proposals, we know how to write quality proposals that will present your company's background and experience in a manner that provides confidence that the services provided will not only meet the requirements, but that your key personnel have the skills and commitment that the government's contracting officers are looking for. A full-service proposal writing services project includes:

  • Providing the client with a good understanding of the effort and a fixed-price cost
  • Ensuring sufficient time to see the project through to a successful conclusion
  • Creating a detailed outline of every proposal requirement/response expectation
  • The RFP Firm's senior proposal writer takes charge of every proposal project
  • Continuous review/sign off on each draft for each section throughout the process
  • Final formatting includes call-outs, images, charts, and graphs
  • Final documents and detailed delivery instructions are provided to the client

Final documents for all request for proposal writing services typically include both a PDF and a MS Word version enabling clients to easily repurpose the content if desired or just keep a copy for backup. Repeat clients will be able to continually build on their strengths while lowering the cost of ongoing proposals.

Proposal Consulting Services

Using a third-party proposal service can free your staff from the time consuming process of dissecting and developing compliant and persuasive content for what are often very complex government solicitations. Moreover, small businesses who may not have the capacity or desire to submit proposals on a regular basis find it difficult to sort out the response requirements and prepare an effective narrative.

When considering their options, most companies find that adding a full-time employee that knows how to write and manage proposals is a costly decision while engaging a professional proposal writer on a temporary basis gains them a higher quality resource that is both efficient and cost-effective. When owners of a business engage proposal writers, they are able to continue running operations and doing what they do best, while the proposal formats of business writers can be professionally adapted very cost-effectively to the benefit of the business owner.

Using a knowledgeable proposal consulting service can provide the confidence that you will not only submit a compliant response that meets all of the RFP requirements, but also that your proposal will be written in a persuasive manner that mitigates the risk of choosing you over your competition. You will benefit from their experience preparing effective technical and pricing responses that address all of the critical components required to rank high based on the reviewer's evaluation criteria.

Additionally, a proposal service that supports a company's efforts to obtain opportunities with government agencies, either federal, state, or local, can help to build a solid reputation for your unique skill sets that differentiates you from your competition and builds confidence with a solid record of past performance, which is critical when seeking government contracts.

Request for Proposal

The finalized RFP (Request for Proposal) released by a government agency is usually specific to the agency itself. Federal solicitations generally follow the government’s Federal Acquisition Regulations. State and local government RFPs can be modeled after the federal RFP formats, but, in most instances, they are unique to the needs of that agency. There are often various forms required with your response, but the use of proposal forms free online are not recommended unless provided by the agency itself.

When developing a proposal for RFP services in response to a government request for proposal, it is always advisable to identify all of the proposal requirements and develop a proposal outline at the onset of your effort, taking into account any instructions provided in the solicitation itself. Just downloading a proposal template sample from the web may give you some general content suggestions, but without first understanding the specific requirements the agency has outlined, a proposal template will only lead to a waste of effort.

NOTICE: If you're facing either a deadline, don't have the expertise, or simply need help to review your Request For Proposal (RFP), contact us for a free consultation.

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Government Proposal Writing

The RFP Firm has the experience to exceed expectations on behalf of large and small companies, and existing government contractors responding to federal, state and local government, and commercial business RFPs. This is our primary mission and highest priority!

The RFP Firm provides proposal writing and government contract consulting services to federal contractors and vendors across the country including Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Colorado Springs, Chicago, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Miami, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New York, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, San Francisco, South Carolina, Tampa, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Virgin Islands, Washington State, Washington DC, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming.


Government RFP Response

- RFP Review & Analysis
- Proposal Writing & Development
- Proposal Manangement
- Ensure Compliance

Understanding The RFP Process

- Understanding the Solicitation
- Complete Preparation & Analysis
- Subcontracting Plans Development
- Quality Assurance Plans
- Relevant Past Performance Response
- Interpreting the Contract Language

Model Successful Bidders

- Avoid Template Based RFP Tools
- Use Experienced RFP Writers
- Understand the Procurement Process
- Leverage Gov't Insider Experience