Keys to Proposal Writing

Success for Government Contractors

The RFP Firm's proposal writing services give contractors a competitive edge when submitting bid proposals to Government agencies and businesses by integrating indepth knowledge of contracting officer expectations.

Keys to Successful Proposal Writing

Helping Small & Medium Size Companies Position Themselves with a Unique and Compelling Solution for Government RFP Proposals.

Successfully Respond to Government RFPs

Answering this question can lead to either success or failure for your company. The keys to successful proposal writing include:

  • Knowing exactly what the government is requesting. Give the government evaluators exactly what “they“ want, not what “you“ want them to have. Leave your marketing copy out of your response and focus on the evaluation criteria they are asking for. Many qualified contractors lose by not following this advice.
  • As in all sales bids, with RFP Government contracts, you must distinguish your company from the competition in a way that differentiates you in a positive way, thereby creating a competitive advantage in the mind of the evaluators--there is only one winner!
  • Government department staff looks for the company that provides the least risk. In fact, in their evaluation they are first looking for those companies that they can easily eliminate from the process, rather than looking for the winner. They will choose the winning bidder from the last few companies remaining after eliminating those that appear to carry a higher risk.
  • Present an experience leadership and management team. Typically, they ask for background information on those who will be managing and implementing the project. Show that your team is well experienced and competent to do the job.
  • Keep in mind that you do not have to have all of the necessary experience in-house. Using subcontractors is very acceptable and common. Often you can leverage the experience of a teaming partner or subcontractor to fill a gap in past performance. Even so, your company must appear to be the driving force with the required management expertise.

When using RFP proposal writing services, the service of a professional proposal-writing firm should closely follow these key performance criteria throughout the proposal writing and preparation process. Government proposals are very specific and an understanding of the contracting procurement process is critical.

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RFP Proposal Writing

The RFP Firm has the experience to exceed expectations on behalf of large and small companies, and existing government contractors responding to federal, state and local government, and commercial business RFPs. This is our primary mission and highest priority!

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Government RFP Response

- RFP Review & Analysis
- Proposal Writing & Development
- Proposal Manangement
- Ensure Compliance

Understanding The RFP Process

- Understanding the Solicitation
- Complete Preparation & Analysis
- Subcontracting Plans Development
- Quality Assurance Plans
- Relevant Past Performance Response
- Interpreting the Contract Language

Model Successful Bidders

- Avoid Template Based RFP Tools
- Use Experienced RFP Writers
- Understand the Procurement Process
- Leverage Gov't Insider Experience