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The RFP Firm's proposal writing services give contractors a competitive edge when submitting bid proposals to Government agencies by integrating indepth knowledge of Government expectations.

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Technical Proposal Writing

One of the most important concepts for a government proposal writer is ensuring that each requirement identified in the RFP is integrated into the technical proposal section of the response. Missing even one requirement leaves your proposal vulnerable to both a rejection by the agency or a bid protest even if you are ultimately awarded the contract.

Some believe that you can just dogmatically relist the proposal requirements and then regurgitate the exact same wording used in the solicitation, even using the same numbering system even though it makes no sense within the structure of the proposal itself and not rquired in the RFP. This is a common mistake with RFP services. Even when the lowest price is to be the acceptance determinant between what are determined to be "technically acceptable" proposals, you must still use persuasive technical proposal writing techniques that create a unique approach that sets you apart from your competition.

Government contract proposal writers must also leverage their past performance by making the connection with what they have done in the past successfully completing contracts similar in scope and complexity to the technical requirements. This can help provide the proofs necessary to mitigate the risk to the agency of choosing your company, thereby helping to remove the uncertainty that you can successfully complete the contract. An experienced government proposal writer makes this connection in the narrative, which leads the selection authority to justify selecting you as the most likely to succeed.

One of the methods used when learning how to write proposals is to present examples of recent past projects and tie them to the requirements of the solicitation, identifying the challenges and stating how you turned those challenges into a solution. The government's RFP will request certain basic requirements, but to stand out from your competition and speak to the RFP's performance work statement, successful proposal writers integrate the language of the solicitation into those past performance examples. In most cases, documented and committed subcontractor experience can also be used to support these requirements.

As proposal writing consultants providing request for proposal writing services, we are often confronted with best value considerations in the evaluation criteria. Meeting this can be a challenge, but also overcome by offering more than the requirements specify. Guarantees, warranties, and discounts can increase your proposal's value in comparison with that of a competitor. Strategies like this can set your proposal apart, document your offer's higher value offer, and establish a reason for awarding your company the contract.

Another method of reducing the agency's risk of giving your proposal the top score in its evaluation process is for your narrative to relate a clear understanding of the potential problems that often occur when executing a contract of this type and the proven methods your company uses to overcome those problems. Specific examples and a logical quality control program should support this description.

Finally, as a government proposal writer preparing a bid where you must stretch your experience to fit the contract requirements, be sure to include either a subcontractor or teaming partner with the exact experience necessary to ensure you meet those requirements. If this is the case, you will also need to be sure you are in compliance with the RFP specifics related to subcontractor size limitations.

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The RFP Firm has the experience to exceed expectations on behalf of large and small companies, and existing government contractors responding to federal, state and local government, and commercial business RFPs. This is our primary mission and highest priority!

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Understanding The RFP Process

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- Complete Preparation & Analysis
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