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The RFP Firm's proposal writing services give contractors a competitive edge when submitting bid proposals to Government agencies and businesses by integrating indepth knowledge of contracting officer expectations.

RFP Proposal Writing Services

Helping Small & Medium Size Companies Position Themselves with a Unique and Compelling Solution for Government RFP Proposals.

Proposal Sections for Gov't Solicitations

The proposal writer starts with certain assumptions that include a basic organization of proposal content that is then customized to meet the Request for Proposal (RFP) requirements and evaluation criteria. A government proposal may have all or some of these sections based on the type of contract and intent of the Government's RFP. Government RFP consultants use basic proposal sections that include:

Understanding the Problem: Often, the RFP requires the prospective government contractor to present an understanding of the agency's issue. This is not the place to regurgitate the description straight out of the solicitation, but instead to relate the underlying pain or problem for which the contract is intended to solve and provide highlights of the benefits they will receive from your proposed solution as elaborated on in the proposal.

Cover Letter/Letter if Interest/Letter of Transmittal: When no requirement is stipulated, a cover letter is used to introduce the benefits your company will provide the Government if the agency awards you the contract. Your proposal writer should explicitly state why they should choose your company. A Letter of Interest is more appropriate for a Request for Quote or Request for Qualifications while a Letter of Transmittal will include all of the elements stipulated in the RFP.

Executive Summary: When not under extreme page limits, an Executive Summary provides the opportunity to summarize your offer, emphasize all of the benefits to the agency for your solution, and substantiate your claims with proofs of your qualifications and experience to complete the contract, mitigate the risk of selecting you, and setting the tone for the rest of the proposal.

Technical Approach: Your proposal consultant will work with you to outline and define your technical solution based on the RFPs Scope of Work (SOW). While the SOW defines the product or service requirements of the contract, your response will describe how you will fulfill those requirements. Keep in mind that for most federal contracts, your technical proposal often becomes a part of the resulting contract and only modified by mutual agreement, so make sure you can deliver on your promises. When preparing your technical approach, use our proposal writing tips to help write a compelling response.

Corporate Experience: You may be required to submit Past Performance Questionnaires to several former clients or provide examples of previous contracts similar in size and scope that are relevant to the SOW described in the RFP. When available, describe projects you have undertaken where you met similar challenges and how you overcame those challenges.

Management Plan: Several components can be required in a management plan including a staffing plan, qualifications of key personnel, resumes of key personnel, and an organizational chart showing lines of authority and identifying all personnel resources identified to support the resulting contract.

Price Proposal: Understanding your industry is critical to providing a price that is not too high or too low. Pricing is too complicated to go into in this discussion, but most Government RFPs provide the details required. Once you specify the cost, you will be required to uphold that price throughout the term of the contract, so be sure that with multi-year contracts you can live with the pricing presented.

RFP proposal writing services and RFP solutions will include all or some of these proposal components depending on your specific solicitation.

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RFP Proposal Writing

The RFP Firm has the experience to exceed expectations on behalf of large and small companies, and existing government contractors responding to federal, state and local government, and commercial business RFPs. This is our primary mission and highest priority!

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Understanding The RFP Process

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